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Longest Weeding Line

17/07/2022 10:00 am
17/07/2022 11:30 pm

We’re on a mission to remove Euphorbia terracina from the Ocean Grove Spit. It’s been a work in progress for over two years, and there is still work to do!

We’ve put a big call out to the community to join us for a special activity on Sunday 17 July, to create ‘the longest weeding line’ on the pathway between 17W and 16W.

Getting rid of this weed will allow the natural bush to take back its place along the dunes.
Euphorbia is easy to pull out, however, it has a sap which is highly irritating and even damaging if it gets into the eyes. Due to this risk, this activity will be adults-only (16+).

When: Sunday 17th July
Where: 17W Carpark (Google map)
Time: 10:00am – 11:30am
Come prepared: Meet at the 17W carpark by 10am for a safety briefing, and wear sturdy shoes, a hat, gloves and either sunglasses or safety glasses (Coastcare will have spare gloves and glasses for those who need them)
For more information: email