Ocean Grove Coastcare has been active with reducing litter, especially single use plastic, entering the ocean for several years, with its promotion of reducing the use of single use plastic bags and selling sustainable jute bags.

Our priority actions are:

  • Run two local litter clean up events each year.
  • Campaign with the Ocean Grove business association for less plastic packaging.
  • Partner with school groups to deliver educational activities.

Our litter pick-up days are undertaken in association with Clean-up Australia Day and Tangaroa Blue Foundation, as well as litter pick up whilst undertaking weed pull and tree planting activities in the dunes.

Personal Action

As well as group activities, we can all contribute to reducing waste. Remember the five R’s, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle.

A few thoughts for individual action:

  • Consider the amount of plastic packaging when purchasing, and the available alternatives.
  • Avoid plastic straws and use sustainable straws or cups.
  • Bubble generators make a fun alternative to helium balloons that can end up in the ocean.
  • Smokers need to be mindful that cigarette buts are plastic and never breakdown, so be responsible and dispose of butts only into waste bins. Or even better, consider quitting for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Be a Local Hero and pick up waste on the beach, in your local park, or in your street before it is flushed down drains that then lead to waterways such as the Begola wetlands, or the Barwon River estuary, and ultimately into our ocean.
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